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About Me

Nature, beauty and truth are what is important to me.

To create beauty in all I do, to surround myself in it.

To feel the subtle touch of Mother nature’s energy …

To search within to find my truth . To follow my own road … To live my purpose.

An alternative upbringing …

A Rudolf Steiner education fostered a love of nature and her cycles - her wisdom and her magic. This sense of wonder for the natural world was further enhanced by being surrounded by the beauty of the Ashdown Forest.

Art, music and crafts were all loved by me and practiced much at home. I particularly enjoyed drawing and making jewellery.

Art work …

Art college honed my skills and helped me find my direction - hand built studio ceramics .

From there I joined a Brighton studio and began my journey as an ‘Artist Craftsperson ‘ - making and selling my work.

Life was rich, surrounded by creatives, I practiced self-expression through my art - making and exhibiting widely in the UK and abroad. 

Giving back …

However, inwardly I longed to reach out and help others, and as I reached my 30s I began to teach.

What an enriching journey this has been. Self expression is such a key need and the medium of clay has therapeutic, and healing properties. I have found great joy in watching people’s confidence grow as they master the technicalities and find the great calm and fulfilment that clay-working brings.

It is also rewarding to see friendships blossom and to see people re-evaluating their lives and transforming, in this calm environment where reflection naturally takes place.

Connecting with Spirit …

Around this time I also began my spiritual journey consciously. Unexpectedly discovering that I had hitherto unknown spiritual and psychic gifts,I set out to develop them and learn as much as I could about this deep and magical subject.

Once I had set my intention I was lead easily from step to step , joining spiritual groups and meeting those who fostered my gifts and helped me. 

I developed trance mediumship in my late thirties and since then many other gifts have been discovered: receiving guidance for myself and other intuitively, channeling from crystals and animals (using their fur or feathers), even my ceramics, which I now know carry powerful wisdom and healing energy from other times and civilisations.

Sacred vessels …

It has become clear to me that my artwork has always been channeled . I get a sense of what I need to make, and then seeing it manifest before me is always wonder-full - the bringing of something with a sacred spiritual source and purpose into physical form.An object embodying healing energies.

The making process becomes a sacred ritual with a final baptism of fire through the alchemy of the kiln. Mud quite literally becomes permanent stone able to withstand the ravages of time forever.

A blessed journey …

It has been an extraordinary journey thus far and this website brings together all I do in one place for the first time.

I work from home where I have a beautiful studio and a healing room. My sacred ceramics are also on display here as well as on-line on my website and social media.An Etsy shop will follow soon…

You are very welcome to come in.